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Clear Clinic Labs – Vanished Spot Treatment part of the Back to School Makeup & Hair Tutorial Video!

Ipsy Stylists Love Vanished

Blogger Cody Wren took the 2 month challenge using the Clear Clinic Labs acne treatment kit. See her results here!



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Check out this video of Ipsy stylist Christen Dominique, sharing her thoughts on Vanished, which was featured in the July Ipsy Glam Bag:

April Moore launches her stylist video for July:

Ipsy Unboxing

Watch these Ipsters unbox their July Glam Bags and hear their feedback on Vanished.
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How to Get Glam for the Red Carpet,
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Second City Style Reviews Vanished




@IAmTheFun1: “My July #ipsy bag came today! Already tried the tinted lip balm. Excited to try the rest.”- Kelsey Meyer


Love my July ipsy bag!!! #ipsy #gladimadethischoice -Whitney Weiser, ‏@WhitneyWeiser

Madi Hearts July Glambag Unboxing:

pic3  @AdrainNicole “@ClearClinicLabs I love your product! It was amazing!  pic4

@ashleymichele13: “Hey y’all, what was in your @ipsy bag this month? I’m pretty excited about most of it!”

Instagram Shoutout to @ClearClinic_Labs: @madlackey:
I found it. Finally!!!! The perfect combination for my cystic acne prone skin. Clear Clinic products for the zits and NeriumAD for the healing and fading of the red spots, hydration, shrinking pores, and improvement of overall skin texture. #oralacnemedsnomore #acne #facewash #morningserum #daycream #nightcream #clearcliniclabs #nerium #flawlessskin
Belinda Babblings posts on her new products in July:

@beautifulone32: Loving my July @ipsy haul!! Woohoo!! Love the products and the make-up bag! – Tammy

Check out what other Ipsters are saying about Vanished:

image001Jessikay: I really like this product because it doesn’t dry out my skin like my current spot treatment does, I can put my moisturizer on almost immediately after I’m done applying, and it doesn’t irritate my skin as much, so it actually reduces the redness of my breakouts, instead of making them worse.


image003chayes1206: So far it seems to be a great product. My husband even steals it from me to use it. I’ll have to buy the full size and hide it from him! 😉


image005Smith0126: Too soon to tell but I will keep trying it. A plus is that it doesn’t dry me out or make me itchy! A lot of over the counter stuff is too harsh and irritates me.


image006debrajwebb: This product works! I received a sample size bottle with built in sponge brush. After the sample is used I am keeping this sample size bottle for purse, pocket and travel!


image008MelSwin: Started breaking out with what would have been a massive zit about a week ago. I used this for about 3 days and the zit never fully appeared like it normally would have! I love this stuff, will be using this 20% off code. Score IPSY!!


bookworm913: : I’ve had one really bad pimple that just wouldn’t seem to go away. I got rid of it for a couple days, but then I got my period – and it came right back. This was the perfect product to get in my July Ipsy bag! I used it a few nights in a row and the pimple (red and inflamed – I have fair skin and it is really noticeable when my skin gets out of hand) is gone. I’ll be using the 20% off code to order the full-size bottle fairly soon.

image010treschic: Great product with such a handy applicator too! Dries any new pimples out quickly before they can get any bigger.


image012FruitFly: Amazing stuff. I probably would have never tried it – $35 is a lot to spend on a promise, especially when no spot treatment I’ve ever tried has worked, really. So big IPSY score on this one. Thanks to being able to try it, and seeing how super fast it works (1 treatment, big difference on a blooming zit AND a deep seated blackhead) — I bought a full size. This will be an indispensable weapon. 🙂


image014Avammarshall: I love everything Ipsy This month ( as usual) … But this might be my favorite. It’s amazing!!! I have massively oily, acne prone skin. Lately, nothing has helped my breakouts!!!


image016emnagley:So I wanted to try this before I wrote a review, so I tried it for about two days on some spots I had. WOW! Worked better than any other spot treatment I’ve tried. It smells harsh like alcohol, but it’s so worth it. My spots were smaller, and definitely a lot less red than before. I was pretty happy with my purchase. I just wish this stuff wasn’t so expensive, though I’m debating purchasing it anyways because it was so awesome!


image018ManzuetaM: This product is amazing. Ive been using it for a few days on and these two annoying pimples and there basically gone now.


image020christinaxo22: Love this product! Not fond of the scent, smells like rubbing alcohol but it worked and didn’t irritate my skin.


dolphintxmaryk:Even with meticulous skin care I have breakouts where my sunglasses sit on my temples. I used the Clear Clinic spot treatment and was surprised to see the breakouts cleared up in one day. Impressed.


image021ItsMeTJC: Broke out 3 days before my wedding, used this and was completely clear for the big day!! Very happy 🙂


image023Ekoloy:I am a tea-tree oil and natural face wash kind of girl but this product blew my mind. Super effective on the spots that wouldn’t go away with my usual methods.


image025Amberrae23:Hello, this stuff is magic! At 25 my face is going through it’s first ever acne spree and I’m OVER it, this stuff does work! Wayyyy better than any other spot treatments I’ve tried. I’ll definitely repurchase!


image027arosej:This is a great product. I tried it out on some problem areas and it helped clear up some of my annoying bumps. The small size is perfect for tossing in the purse


image029catiahades:It works! I have horrible acne prone skin. I noticed a difference on my horrible cystic zits. They didn’t go away 100%, but they were significantly small and sore. I’ve not experienced another product that did this well for my evil zits.


image031Stellaholic:WOW. This is probably literally the only spot treatment in a long, long time that has worked for my stubborn spots. I love this. The price…not so much…but I’m willing to accept that if it means having more of this on hand for emergencies.


image033Crislove2x:Ok, I have to say that I have tried everything for years and nothing has ever had a great first impression on me. But this Is one of the best items I have received and worked right away.


Edominguez305:I absolutely love this!! I had really bad cheek blemishes that ive been trying to get rid of for almost a year! i used this 3 times on those and it took them completely away. I didnt care for the strong smell but since it worked like a charm i can deal with it. I will definitely be purchasing this.

image035Edominguez305:The smell is rather strong but the product WORKS. My skin looks so much clearer after using this on my problem spots just once a day


Denni84:Really like this product! I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide so finding a good spot treatment can be hard. This helped to heal my breakout, and even helped to clear up the redness from older breakouts. The smell is a little strong at first but it goes away quickly. Overall I’m really happy with this.

Lindseykathryn08:I absolutely love this and I’m so glad it came in my bag! I have literally tried every type of spot treatment and nothing seemed to completely work. I starting using this 2 days ago and I can already see a huge difference in my skin. I will definitely be buying a full size bottle.

image037Jmsasser79:I don’t take product reviews lightly. This product is amazing! It works better than anything I have tried before. I am very impressed. I’m in my 30s and still get zits :(, so I have tried many products to get rid of them. This stuff works so fast. I put it on my zits that were popping up and the next they were gone!


Dlynn24:Admittedly, I didn’t think I’d use this product but since I’ve been breaking out from being stressed, I gave it a shot. Why not?! …and WOW! I’m so impressed I washed my face before bed and applied the product on the spots. Woke up to pimples that were MUCH better and smaller. Now, two days later, they’re gone. Weeeeee!! Glad I gave it a shot!

image039Katrinabright:: expected to hate this and have a terrible reaction… but lo-and-behold, it actually appeared to improve a couple of spots! pretty impressed. probably won’t purchase it as i already have go-to face products, but i’ll likely be recommending it to others.


Harleyquinnminx:I was completely shocked by how well this product works! I am about to buy a full-sized sample of it pronto. I put it on a few spots I had (one which was pretty large) around 10am and by 4pm the SAME day the spots were either already gone and nearly gone. I can’t believe how well this works but am SO glad Ipsy sent me a sample. I’m hooked.


pic9 Ambernphenicie: Love this product ! Really clears my acne ! And love the travel size inspired packaging behind this .. Just fits in my makeup bag and use on the go as needed 🙂

Berrenice: This product is amazing! I dabbed a bit on the areas where I was breaking out on before going to bed and when I woke up they were all dried out! Great formula, it does have a strong scent but it works!

pic10Natalia-Venable: This stuff is magic!! I put it on a blemish and the next night it was gone and there was no redness!!


pic11mariahbriannemua: My face has been breaking out like crazy from the Florida humidity. I tried this on every blemish I had on my face after my nighttime skin-care routine and went to bed. I woke up this morning with my skin 80% clear and didn’t experience any dryness etc. This is an absolute miracle product. I’ll even go as far as saying it worked better for me than the Mario Badescu drying lotion.


pic12berrrenice: This product is amazing! I dabbed a bit on the areas where I was breaking out on before going to bed and when I woke up they were all dried out! Great formula, it does have a strong scent but it works!


pic13Cayli93: I’m in love with this product! First product I’ve ever tried for acne that seriously makes a difference!


pic14Kayfabe: A little bit goes a long way with this guy. Two pimples disappeared in two days with just a dab on each.


CCA14: It smells quite strong, but i don’t mind because it cleared up one of my largest zits ever in less than 2 days with no scab or scar, normally that kind of zit would take a week to go away. It has also been helping control my black heads, it works so well that i am going to buy the full size!

pic15AnetaSceh: This stuff is amazing! I put it on a couple spots before bed and in the morning they were either gone, or almost gone. Worked on my bf too. :O I def need to get the full size of this.


Brainwashxx: I’ve never had a spot clearing treatment work for me ever until I tried this. Going to buy full size
Primpology: Just in time.. I had a nasty breakout which is a very rare thing for me. I used this at bedtime and woke up much happier because of this. Works nicely.

pic16violinist452000: I actually loved this – it cleared up a couple of spots on my face overnight.


pic17BLKMATH: This stuff is AMAZING. I used it twice and the pimples completely disappeared! I am definitely buying the full size and I highly recommend this product.

Purpleglitter89: Cleared zit in 2 days! Awesome love it

pic18Amberlholt: I put some of this on this afternoon and tonight my blemish has cleared up. LOVE THIS


pic18Pritixxo: This helped a couple blemishes heal without a dark mark.

SaltyDalty: This is amazing! I had a terrible breakout, probably like 12 bumps on my face (total stress breakout) I put this on and over night i could tell a difference…. FANTASTIC!

pic19RebeccaTyrrell: Just bought the full-size. What was once a bit of a war zone on my face is now pretty decent, after about 4 days.

Justineschwab: I tried it right out of the bag and instantly, I can tell a huge difference in my blemishes! I have cystic acne breakouts sometimes (especially around that time of the month!) and have had the worst looking chin for two weeks now. I applied that serum and it’s already disappearing!! I cannot believe it! NOTHING else works! EVER! I will definitely be investing in this amazing product as soon as I can!

pic20SneakyAmanda: Wow! I’m super-impressed. I put a bit on a spot that was coming in last night and it’s completely gone this morning. I need to find the full size version of this.

Mikita5: Best product on the bag! I dabbed on my pimple last night, I got smaller and less red on the morning. Will buy if I ever finish it.

pic21Lpaula: I had two big pimples on my face when i tried this product. by the next day the pimples were dried out and i jst peeled a little bit but i peeled it and it didnt scabb. Love it!

TheMrsJacobs: This is a fantastic product! Since having my youngest child, my hormones go on a rampage once every month now which results in pretty terrible acne in the chin/neck area. The rest of the month, my skin is perfectly clear. This bag couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had horribly red, irritated acne for a few days now. I put some of this on before bed last night, today the redness is completely gone and they are all visibly much smaller. I’m going to have to keep this product around. For sure.

pic22Ab_dryer: This is cool because I actually have a dermatologist prescription acne treatment and it works incredibly. When I got this and smelled it, I found the smell was identical and through looking as well as researching the ingredients I found that they’re essentially identical! This will be perfect to take on the go!


pic23B3AUTYD1VA: Love this product! Perfect for out and about. It’s going in my go-bag!

B_villazana: I’ve just been using this for a couple of days now and I can tell a big difference. I’ve have tried so many products for my acne and none seem to work. I will definitely be buying this product.
Lauren_jeanna: Within just a couple of days as using this product as a spot treatment, I have noticed a huge difference. Great for those deep cystic type pimples!! It does sting a lot when I put it on initially but doesn’t last at all. I definitely wouldn’t recommend for all over face use.
FrancesB: It is awesome! Worked like a charm

pic23dawn1keim: Love that it is a clear liquid! Is very cooling on skin!

Shaneka: have to say that this little bottle is amazing. I have been breaking out like crazy for a few weeks and nothing has helped but after two days this product has cleared up most of my breakouts. As soon as I put it on, I could feel it working. I put it on right before bed and the next morning I could see the pimples dried out overnight. Amazing.
Sbrooks14: I absolutely love this product! I started using it on a surprise pimple and it’s totally gone after only two days!!

pic24JBURNETTE: I was completely shocked by how well this product works! I am about to buy a full-sized sample of it pronto. I put it on a few spots I had (one which was pretty large) around 10am and by 4pm the SAME day the spots were either already gone and nearly gone. I can’t believe how well this works but am SO glad Ipsy sent me a sample. I’m hooked!

pic25Bdavis99: Used it on a couple spots last night right after cleansing. I did notice a difference this morning, nice to see a product that actually makes a difference.
Dumarae: This product absolutely amazed me- i had a little cluster of zits starting on my chin, from where i rest my hand. (bad habit- i know!) as soon as i applied this spot treatment, i noticed an immediate improvement. the bright redness settled down, and they started to flatten. so basically- for my skin, this takes the gnarliest of big, red zit bumps, and makes it so they’re simple to hide completely with a few make-up tricks THAT DAY! i wish i had this product when i was in school, it would have make it a lot less dramatic in the morning when i’d wake up with a zit so big it deserved a name! LOVE THIS.
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